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Birlik Taban

With more than 15 years of experience in the shoe industry, Birlik Taban has successfully carried out its production of insoles.

15 Years of Experience in The Sector

Our company is growing by developing its product development, design studies and production activities and after sales services.


Our aim is to produce products and services to the shoe manufacturers who add value and invest in the shoe sector with a fast, high quality and high customer satisfaction.


Birlik Taban continues its activities with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction in the footwear sector with its base infrastructure, technology and knowledge.

We are READY to offer you the best solutions.

You can benefit from our services with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Our Products

The insole with steel is one of the most important parts that increases the strength of the shoe. It is located at the base of the shoe under the lining or sole, and it makes shoe look more elegant.

Most Suitable Soles for Foot Health

Shoe insole with steel is produced in our facilty using fiber and cellulose raw materials.

  • Insole with Steel
  • Insole with Steel and Pad
  • Reinforced Insole with Steel
  • Reinforced Insole with Steel and Front-Pad
  • Insole with Steel and Eva
  • Marked Insole with Steel
  • Marked Steel-Free Insole Sandals
  • Steel-Free Insole with Pad